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Meet Lenora



Raised and educated in Charlotte, NC, Lenora is a graduate of West Charlotte High School. She attended Barber-Scotia College for her Bachelors in Teacher Education. After graduating with her Masters from Ohio State University, she began teaching at First Ward Elementary School. Following the completion of a Masters in Curriculum and Instruction at UNCC, Lenora was appointed to a Principal position at Sedgefield Elementary School. Her ability to close the achievement gap led to a position as a strategic Principal at various schools.


Lenora effectively juggled the responsibility of leading a school with raising her only daughter, Gianna, with her late husband Latham Shipp. Gianna is a graduate of Myers Park Senior High School, a 2016 Summa Cum Laude graduate of Virginia State University and a 2017 graduate of Georgetown University in Washington, DC with a Master's Degree in Bio-Physics Physiology and Complimentary Alternative Medicine. Lenora attributes her daughter as her guiding light for understanding the needs of both students and parents. After retiring, Lenora has remained passionate about her commitment to providing quality education to all students.

"My entire career as an educator has been very rewarding especially when I see the fruits of my labor through the success in the lives of students and families I have served.  My commitment to public education is stronger now than ever!"

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